Top 15 Most Shocking Moments on Game of Thrones

Since its premier in 2011, ‘Game of Thrones’ has taken over the lives of most of the population. Its one of those things that when you say you’ve never watched it, everyone around you gives you a death glare and demands to know why. But what makes it so popular? Three words; death, sex and dragons. Also the amazing acting, costumes, sets, stories and characters… but mainly the death, the sex and the dragons. That’s what everyone remembers at least. And with these themes, come many shocking moments that fans will remember for years to come. So, in before the release of Season 7 in July, I present the top 15 most shocking ‘Game of Thrones’ moments up until season 6.


#15: The Shadow Baby (S02E04 ‘Garden of Bones’)


Season 2 introduces us to a whole load of new characters, including Stannis Baratheon (brother to Renly and the late King Robert) and the people of his court such as Davos and Melisandre (yes, I did have to google how to spell her name). The Red Lady, as she is also known, is a priestess of the Red God – funnily enough – and says that if Stannis pledges his allegiance to her god, he will make him King.  This is not the only example of her manipulation, however, as she convinces her King to have sex with her in order to have a son. And a son they have. After a very quick pregnancy, she gives birth to a shadow baby in the shape of Stannis which is sent to kill his younger brother and rival, Renly. It is very disturbing.

#14: SHAME! (S05E10 ‘Mother’s Mercy’)


Oh Cersei, its about time your sins caught up to you. While many of us hoped she would get her comeuppance for her incestuous relationships with both her cousin AND her brother (excuse me while I vomit), this was not what I had in mind. I have always hated Cersei for pretty much everything she has done throughout the seasons – and trust me, this is not the last we see of her on this list – but this was just horrid to watch. Satisfying, yes but difficult. Perhaps, as a woman, I could sympathise with being so (forgive the pun) naked and vulnerable with people throwing things and shouting in her face. It was totally unexpected and completely brutal. Maybe next time, don’t f*ck your brother, eh?

#13: Frey Pie (S06E10 ‘The Winds of Winter’)


I have always loved Arya, right from the beginning when she was a feisty little girl who didn’t want to be a lady all the way up to her training in The House of Black and White (which was awesome but apparently quite pointless). In the final episode of season 6, we see Walder Frey visited by a servant who gives him a pie. Yup, you guessed it. The servant girl is actually Arya wearing a face and the pie is, in fact, made of his two sons. She tricked him into eating a pie made of his own sons before slitting his throat and smiling down at him as he dies! So sick but so awesome. Go Arya!

#12: The Purple Wedding (S04E02 ‘The Lion and the Rose’)


You can’t have a wedding in ‘Game of Thrones’ without some sort of death and it just so happened this the wedding of King Joffery and Queen Margaery it was the groom that met his, very satisfying. end. Just because this scene was what everyone wanted, doesn’t mean it wasn’t shocking; it was a good shock, I think we could all say. Just as he’s humiliating his uncle, Tyrion, he drinks some wine, which is poisoned in a plan too complicated to explain in this list, and dies. Thank you George R.R Martin!

#11: Tyrion Kills Tywin (S04E10 ‘The Children’)


This has to be one of my favourite scenes ever and encompasses the events that lead up to the death. After catching the woman he loves, Shae, in his father’s bed and strangling her to death, Tyrion picks up a crossbow, finds Tywin sat on the privy (a toilet, basically) and shoots Tywin. But its so much more than that. You feel just how devastated Tyrion in in the moment he finds Shae in Tywin’s bed and kills her. But, for me, its how he drags the crossbow on the floor behind him that sends chills down my spine. The conversation they have and, Tywin’s last words – “You’re no son of mine,” – really hammers the nail into the coffin (pun intended) that Tywin really hated Tyrion. He doesn’t beg, he uses his last moments to tell his son the truth.

#10: Sansa’s Wedding Night (S05E06 ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’)


Now, this scene is more than shocking, its controversial. Littlefinger leaves Sansa with the Boltons, hoping that Stannis will attack, take Winterfell back and rescue her. This does not happen and Ramsay marries her. By this point, we have already seen the psychological harm he has inflicted on Theon/Reek, so we know that something awful is going to happen to Sansa. But rape? On their wedding night? Many were angry at this scene because rape was used just as a plot device and I am not going to voice my views on this because that’s not what this post is about. What made the rape more shocking, if that’s even possible, was that Theon/Reek was forced to watch his childhood friend in that position. Awful!

#9: Hold the Door (S06E05 ‘The Door’)


I’m sorry to bring this one up; I’m so sorry! Hodor was one of the sweetest character’s ever. He had no agenda. He didn’t want the throne or power. He was just content to be a friend and help people, even though he was pretty simple minded and could only say, what we thought was his name. Okay, bear with me while I try to explain this. Bran’s wargs (enters the mind of) into Hodor but ends up seeing his younger self. He’s called Willis and can talk and seems of average intelligence. Then things go from bad to worse as Bran’s warging interferes with the past, allowing past Hodor to see present Hodor, holding a door to keep the Whites away from Bran and Meera. As Meera shouts “Hold the door” in the present, the past Hodor starts to repeat that as he sees his death in the future until, eventually “Hold the door,” melds into “Hodor”. I will admit, I cried.

#8: Ned’s Beheading (S01E09 ‘Baelor’)


If you didn’t think Joffery was a bastard before (wow, too many puns), you did after this scene. Ned Stark, after being set up as, not only the main character, but the most honorable character in the whole show, is beheaded for treason after discovering that Joffery was not the true-born son of the late King Robert and, therefore, not the rightful heir to the throne. Even though he admits the fake treason, Joffery still has him beheaded. Poor Sean Bean, can’t he live in just one thing? Please?

#7: R+L=J Confirmed (S06E10 ‘The Winds of Winter’)


This one was definitely for the book readers out there. A long time theory from, mainly, the books but it was vaguely hinted it in the show finally was confirmed in the final episode of season six. I was incredibly happy because I completely bought this theory from the moment I heard about it. For those who don’t know, R+L=J is a theory which states that Jon Snow is not the bastard son of Ned Stark and some random whore, but the son of Lyanna Stark and Rheagar Targaryen after he kidnapped her…actually, this theory is quite complicated so I may make a whole other post explaining this more fully. Anyway, this was confirmed by the TV show and it changes the game!

#6: Twincest (S01E01 ‘Winter is Coming’)


Arguably, this is the event that started it all. Maybe if Bran hadn’t discovered the Queen’s disgusting secret, things may not have gone so badly.  None the less, the first episode really throws you in the deep end in terms of shock factor as we discover that the Queen is having a sexual relationship with her brother. Bran is then thrown out of the window, ending the pilot episode. What a way to start a show.

#5: Blowing up the Sept (S06E10 ‘The Winds of Winter’)


Season six has its fair share of shocking moments. As does Cersei Lannister. Her acts in the final episode of season six are possibly her worst. To destroy her enemies, she piles wildfire up beneath the sept and blows up everyone inside, the Tyrells, the High Sparrow, everyone. Furthermore, watching this from afar and seeing his people, including his wife explode in a cloud of green, King Tommen, peacefully, takes off his crown and throws himself out of his window. So many lives were claimed in that episode. Such a shame.

#4: “For the Watch” (S05E10 ‘Mother’s Mercy’)


This one really got me down. Up at the wall, Jon is told that his uncle, Benjen, has been seen. When he goes to investigate, he finds he is betrayed by many of his men and is stabbed multiple times, including by his little protegee, Oli, all claming its ‘For the Watch’. Both Jon and the audience I’m sure were thoroughly shocked by this. Its okay though: he does come back, I promise.

#3: Shireen’s Sacrifice (S05E09 ‘The Dance of Dragons’)


This is a sad one too. Its always difficult to see someone you like die. Its even harder when its an innocent child. Stannis Baratheon decides to burn his daughter, Shireen, as a sacrifice to the Red God in order to aid him later on. Its the stoic look on his face as he holds his wife back, watching their only child burn to death for no real reason. Its so difficult to watch and I lost all respect for Stannis in that moment.

#2: Head Crushing (S04E08 ‘The Mountain and the Viper’)


From sad to down right disgusting, we move to the fight between Oberyn Martell and the Mountain for reasons which I cannot be bothered to discuss. This fight excited me muchly. I loved Oberyn so much but we all know what happens to characters we love. Sure, they die. Its not usual that they get their head crushed like a watermelon. I can’t watch it, even to this day, and I will not be putting the actual action as the image because… Nope! Its shocking because he was winning. He poisoned the Mountain but got too cocky and ended up with his head smashed in…literally. Gross!

#1: The Red Wedding (S03E09 ‘The Rains of Castamere’)


Of course the bloody Red Wedding is number one. My heart, along with most of the people watching this episode, broke. It was so unexpected. No one thought they would all die that way. Throats slit, pregnant stomach stabbed, and ‘The Lannisters send their regards,” is so memorable and so sad. I think its the betrayal that does it. The fact that the Fray’s and the Boltons both stab Robb (sorry again) in the back.

So, those are my top 15 most shocking Game of Thrones moments from seasons 1 – 6. Did I miss any, leave them in the comments section and tell me what you think are the most shocking moments? As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to like my Facebook page.


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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Finale: Remember, Remember, the Great Sept of Baelor


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