Yesterday evening, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an old friend of mine had shared a video from the BBC and, lo and behold, it was the announcement of the 13th Doctor. Eagerly, I clicked on it and watched as the new Doctor is…a woman? Have you seen those comments? Full of hate about the show becoming too PC and how they’re not going to watch after Christmas. I mean, this is madness; what next a female prime minister… oh wait, this is our second of those.

Get over yourselves! Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic actress who hasn’t even had a chance to show us what she’s going to do with the character. At least let her be the Doctor for an episode or two before deciding you hate her. Remember when Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi was announced. Smith was too young and Capaldi was too old and now Wittaker is too…female? Are you ever going to be happy?

Look, I know that change is scary but this was always going to happen. We’ve already seen that its possible for Time Lords to regenerate into the opposite gender with Michelle Gomez’s Missy and, personally, I really enjoyed the new dynamic that came with the change in gender. The strangest thing about this announcement is why, in the hundreds/thousands of years the Doctor has been alive, why haven’t they regenerated into a woman before?

Its not like ‘Doctor’ is a necessarily gender specific pronoun or job title so the argument that the Doctor can only be a man is ridiculous. Just because that’s how its always been done, doesn’t mean its the way it always has to be done. Change can be refreshing. If we’re totally honest, Doctor Who has been in a bit of a rut recently (though I’m not caught up yet so I guess I’ll see), who knows, maybe this change will breathe new life into the series. I hope so and I hope Whittaker proves people wrong. Think of how difficult this is for her. She had to make the decision to take this role, knowing exactly what the response would be.

Personally, I love this decision for one main reason. For the entirety of Doctor Who, since the 60s when it began, young girls have only been able to see themselves as companions; second in command to a male lead. That is how it has always been. But now, they can watch this show and see that its possible for them to be the star, to be the leader. Its time for women to shine and Whittaker is the perfect choice to kick start this change.

Or maybe, just maybe, we’re all getting a little too worked up by the casting decision and gender of a fictional character. Lets just wait and see how things go and decide when she’s actually, you know, played the Doctor how she is.

As always, thanks for reading and I will see you next time.


(Edit: I have updated the ‘bit of a rut comment’ to clear up that I haven’t seen the new series yet. I am hoping it is great though as I’ve heard good things)

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Jodie Whittaker has been named as the new Doctor Who


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  1. Anyone who says that Doctor Who has ‘been in a rut’ lately clearly has not watched the latest series. Also you can’t just tell people to get over themselves. This is a mixup of the show on an astronomical level and so is quite clearly not going to be a change accepted by people overnight. I personally don’t understand why they found it necessary to change the gender. There has been the argument that it is in aid to provide a positive role models for girls which, I can agree there are currently lacking. But surely rather than change a beloved character to try and produce an identity to empower women and girls alike, wouldn’t it be better to produce new strong female leads rather than feel the need to change our beloved Doctor? What do you think about this?

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    1. I will admit that I am not 100% caught up with Doctor Who lately and that’s my bad but I do believe that since Moffat has been show runner, the quality of the storylines have depleted significantly but I guess I’ll need to catch up to make such a sweeping statement. I understand that this is a huge change for everyone and that its going to be difficult to get your head around but it baffles me that people aren’t giving it a shot before they’re shooting it down. Its not always easy to create new characters that are going to be as successful as The Doctor, who is possibly one of the most iconic in history, and I like the fact that young girls who have been and will be watching will be able to see themselves in such a role. The bottom line is that the BBC’s first priority is to make money and if they are jeopardising this show by making such a decision, then maybe they felt that it was necessary 🙂
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. My daughter loves Doctor Who (admittedly she’s only just over a year old, but she perks up whenever she hears the title music and she did take a bit of an interest for a few minutes in the restored Power of the Daleks last year) and I was excited to see a woman cast as the Doctor. I love the idea, but the real proof will be in how the role is approached — both by Whitaker and story editor, Chris Chibnel. I find myself wondering if a female show runner might not have been a great idea as well.


    1. I’m so glad someone who has a daughter has spoken up because I was interested in this kind of opinion. Of course, I think we should wait to see how they deal with the character but it irritates me that people are already hating without seeing how Whitaker and Chibnel work together.


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