Dark – A Journey

In the beginning, there was Darkness. Miles and miles of Darkness that stretches further than is humanly fathomable. Then there was Light. For some, at least. For others, Darkness lingers. While other are surrounded by light and colour, the rest of us linger in the shadows waiting to be born. Waiting for the sun to shine down on us and feel the warmth that everyone else does. But it never comes. You see, oh you see, everyone in stand in their light, dancing among the colours, tasting the stars and feeling the heat on their skin and you know that they feel alive. And it’s beautiful. And its tragic. Because you wish it could be you. You want, desperately, to step into the sun and dance among the colours and taste the stars but you can’t. The Darkness has a hold on you and it doesn’t want you to let go. Because without you…it is nothing. It creeps in when you least expect It, surrounding you and only you. It drags you back into the corner until you are far, far away from the light and the colour and the stars until you are cold and scared and the only thing you can see. Is Darkness. No matter how far or fast you run, there is nothing and no one but Darkness. What’s the point? You wear yourself out looking for an escape, a door that leads you back to the light, back to where you can be free from the grip of Darkness. It hold onto you, whispering very unsweet nothings into your ear and you believe every single word. You know you don’t need It, you know that you would be better off without It but knowing sometimes isn’t enough. You give up. What’s the point? Darkness wins.


You can’t let It win. That’s what It needs, what It wants. Darkness needs you be believe there is nothing better or It, Itself, is nothing. You stand. You take a deep breath. You take a step. Then another and another into the abyss. And when Darkness keeps coming you keep going and keep fighting and keep believing until, finally… You see it. In the distance, a glow. You stop. After all your battles, you can hardly believe it. It’s been there all along, just out of reach. You walk towards it, tentatively as if it will disappear if you get too close. But you get closer and soon you can feel the warmth on your skin, you can see them dancing among the colours and you start to taste the stars. There is one step left to go. Behind you, is the Darkness. In front is the Light. A hand reaches into the blackness. You take it. It’s warm and it helps you on your journey into the Light.

By Tash Holmes


Featured Image from https://itrainsinmyheart.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/light-and-dark/


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